“I Was Just ‘Jewish Stupid’”: Why Words Really Are Important in Gospel Communications

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Why I Love a Praying Church

by Andrew Palau “So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly

Knock, Knock. He’s There.

by Mark Overstreet Every time I travel I pray for God to teach me

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A Message Made to Travel

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His Glorious Name: Finding Commonalities with Muslim Friends

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by Laurie Nichols Yeah, some may think I’m strange. But I love people who

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by Krish Kandiah I feel like an expert in ‘how not to do evangelism’

What Generosity Can Do: A Example of a Buddhist Monk

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The Significance of a Trail of Tears

by Ron Hutchcraft Missy lost her mother yesterday. Andy’s wife filed for divorce today.

So You Think You Can Out-Sin God’s Grace?

by Nancy Grisham Have you ever talked to a friend about knowing Jesus, only

Wheaton Evangelism Conference Videos Now Available

This past February, hundreds of people gathered in person and thousands of people gathered

God Sets Eternity in the Heart

by John Crilly Ecclesiastes 3:11 reminds me that God has set eternity in every

“Super Christians” Are Overrated

by Will Graham I think there’s a misunderstanding out there that I’d like to

Evangelism in a Culture of Religious Nones

by Jonathan Dodson Islam isn’t the greatest threat to Christianity in America, and neither