Acts 8: Get Up and Go

by Dave Short (Editor’s note: With this blog post we continue our series, “The Stories

John 5: Believing on Another’s Behalf

by Evi Rodemann (Editor’s note: With this blog post we continue our series, “The Stories

And It Happens at a Funeral

by Rob Martin Funerals have a way of bringing life itself into sharp relief.

Luke 15: On a Search-and-Rescue Mission

by Wesley Paul (Editor’s note: With this blog post we continue a new series,

Mark 2: Tear Open the Roof

by Andrew Palau (Editor’s note: With this blog post we continue a new series,

Daniel 7: Dreaming of Jesus

by Mark Overstreet (Editor’s note: With this blog post we continue a new series, “The

Mark 5: Going to “The Other Side”

by Werner Mischke (Editor’s note: With this blog post we begin a new series,

The Walking Dead: Creating Gospel Opportunities in the Regular Stuff of Life

by York Moore As I sat in the salon getting my haircut, Kay and

From Lent to a Lifetime

by Grant McClung On a breezy March afternoon in Fresno, California, two fifth graders

We Love Because He Loves Us

by John Crilly My nutritional intake provides fuel for my body to use for

From My Eyes to Yours

by Lucia A friend of mine teaches English to non-native English speakers. Most of

Why Desert Experiences Can Be Good

by Tom Lin As a leader of several large mission organizations and movements, I’m

Evangelism & The Art of Picking Your Battles

by Krish Kandiah This article might get a little controversial, but stick with me

Can You Trust Me?

by Ron Hutchcraft He was in the homes of some ten million Americans every

God’s Not Dead: Social Media Engagement

by Joe Handley This past year, a friend made the following Facebook post: “God is

The Storm Is Coming

by Nancy Grisham “…Can you imagine the outcry if 21 Muslims had been beheaded

Unequally Yoked: A Love Story with a Twist

by Will Graham In your hometown right now, there’s a story playing out that

Genesis: The Beginnings of Everything (Including Evangelism)

by Matt Erickson Does evangelism begin with knowledge of the right method? Does helping

You Are Invited: Historic Evangelism Conference, February 20-21, 2015

by Laurie Fortunak Nichols Two years ago, Matt Brown mentioned to me that God

Two Kinds of Unbelief

by Craig Dyer When does an evangelist not need to evangelise? When can we

Should We Kiss Evangelism Goodbye?

by  Jonathan Dodson In the Huffington Post, writer Cindy Brandt recently declared that she

Who Are You Wearing?

by Wendie Connors If you watch any of the big name awards shows like

Hardware and Heart-ware

by Samuel Chiang Last week, I was listening to a pastor from Beijing talk

Metaphors & Cross-cultural Evangelism: Part 3, Warfare & Fear-based Cultures

by Jayson Georges (Editor’s note: This is the 3rd in a 3-part series on using