Developing Your Own Inner Sense of God’s Calling

by Matt Brown In speaking with a friend this week, some thoughts have crossed

Evangelism in a Hostile Environment – Change and Response: Part 1

(Editor’s note: This is the 1st blog post in a 4-part series by T.V.

Stepping (Unwillingly) Out of the Comfort Zone

by Nate Butler As I cautiously confessed to you in my premier posting here

It All Began with a Greek Orthodox Icon…

by Samuel Chiang Recently, I got into the back of a taxi where the

Three Stories that Bring Hope: His, Mine, Yours

by Tom Burns “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye

Finding Our Place in the Mission

by Kelly Brady One rainy vacation day I sat down at the kitchen table

Don’t Feel Qualified? Join the Club.

by Jon Bloom For the first 40 years of his life, Moses lived in a

Because of His Name: Leading by Following

by Eeva Sallinen Simard, with Stephan Bauman Like many organizations, I (Eeva) serve an organization that

Reshaping How We View Evangelism (Part 1)

by Ken Baker What comes to mind when you hear the term “evangelism”?  An

Christianity: “It’s Not a Religion, It’s a Relationship.” Really?

by Raphael Anzenberger You’ve heard it said. Maybe you’ve said it yourself (I have).

The Five Steps in the Dance of Life

by Lon Allison My wife and I took dance lessons before we were married.

Generation Ex-Christian

by Miriam Adeney When I was a little girl, I dreamed about spending time

Why Can’t They Hear What I’m Saying?

by Tuvya Zaretsky People can use the same word and have different meanings in

Why We Were Made to Live Awkward and Uncomfortable (and why the world is desperate for it)

by Francie Winslow Have you ever considered that to live for Jesus may mean

“Repeat after Me”: Curing Evangelistic Anxiety

by A. J. Swoboda You preach of the good news; you need the good

Seeking New Lodgers: a parable about church websites

by Tony Whittaker “We need more lodgers,” said Maria Silversmith to her husband, Joe,

What Is Your Good News?

by Trisha Welstad Did you read the news today? What percentage of what you

Beyond “Solar Gratia” (Grace Alone)

by Enoch Wan “Solar gratia” (grace alone) is one the basic beliefs of the

The Sacrament of Evangelism: God Is Already There

by Jerry Root When Jesus commissioned His disciples to go into the world and

The Joy of Evangelism

by Greg Laurie It is my firm belief that God can use you to

Reaching the Scattered: The Sikhs in my Neighborhood

by Sadiri Joy Tira I was in our neighborhood mall the other night, when

Artistic Expression in World Evangelization

by Byron Spradlin When an entire village of Bolivian Indian ranch workers came to

The Difference between a “Missional” and an “Attractional” Method of Evangelism

by Rick Richardson I attended my science fiction book club last night. What a

Do You Have a Burden for Evangelism?

by Alvin Reid As I write this, I’m sitting in Baltimore with 130 of