Aftershocks: Luke 13 in Times of Calamity

by Craig Dyer Calamities like the recent Nepalese earthquakes often prompt questions from non-Christians

The Sacred Middle: Redefining Victory and Obedience for Non-Evangelists

by Laurie Nichols Confession: I don’t have the gift of evangelism. And I frequently

A Life that Reflects What You Believe

by Wendie Connors I believe that deep down inside each of us there is

An Immediacy to Our Gospel Call

by Samuel Chiang The house church leader instructed me to sit at the back

Our Vision of Jesus

by Chris Castaldo You might say that the bread and butter of the Billy

A Reconciliation Five Decades in the Making

by Nate Butler It would be an understatement to say that I didn’t have

Gospel Gangs

by Leroy Barber When you hear words that either represent the gospel or give

Unashamed: When God’s Word Is Sufficient

by Tom Burns “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is

Witnessing to Loved Ones: Do You Let Fear Stop You?

by Laurel Bunker “…to conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom, in the pursuit

Not Enough Time to Share the Gospel?

by Jon Bloom I’ve been convicted that saying “I don’t have enough time” is

Drive-by Gospel Assaults?

by Ken Baker Last week, I was driving through Columbia, South Carolina, and a

Confessions of a Failed Evangelist

by Jenn Williamson, guest blogger I’ve been praying every day for ten months that the

Trickle-down Evangelism in Local Churches

by Lon Allison As one of the “elder” writers of our blog on evangelism,

Let the Text Speak for Itself

by Tuvya Zaretsky How do you cut through the preconceived ideas that other people

A Beautiful Trail of Lives Well-Lived

by Miriam Adeney Recently, Josh and Vanessa Ellis were trolling down the road in their

Do Your Assumptions Hold You Back?

by Francie Winslow My dear friend Heather lives in Dallas, Texas, where she teaches

When Simple Is Best – English as an Entry to Gospel Witness

by Tony Whittaker English is unique in being a world language. In a review

Evangelism & Anti-Trafficking Outreach: A Very Deliberate and Slow Match Made in Heaven

by Laurie Nichols It’s been just three days and my mind keeps going back

It Just Takes a Little Courage

by Trisha Welstad “He is risen! He is risen indeed!” As we celebrated this

Evangelism in a Hostile Environment – Competent and Ready, Part 4

by T.V. Thomas (Editor’s note: This is the last blog post in a 4-part series

Building Missional Families

by Alvin Reid Being a parent is one of the most exciting, frightening, inspiring, upsetting,

Luke 11: It’s about Making Dead People Live

by Ed Stetzer and Chris Martin (Editor’s note: With this blog post we conclude our series, “The Stories

A Simply Resurrection Reflection

  What is the gospel? Simply put, it’s the greatest love letter that you and

Luke 15: Outreach Based on a Parable

by Beth Seversen, with Rick Richardson (Editor’s note: With this blog post we continue