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Finding Your Color in Evangelism

by Wendie Connors If you are like me and millions of Americans, it’s Back

What The Old Man Teaches: A Story about First Fruits

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The Debt of Love: The New Immigration Crisis

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What Improv Comedy Can Teach Us about Evangelism

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A New Name and Look

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The Art of Listening in Evangelism

by Samuel Chiang “I don’t have a credit history!” The man looked at me

“It’s Is Finished” Heard above Hellish Screams

by Chris Castaldo Before World War I, a certain frustration developed in Europe. Despite

Are You Captivated by God’s Glory?

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He Ain’t Heavy: Witnessing Well During Seasons of Grief

by Laurel Bunker Have you ever heard the phrase, “Life is what happens while

What Three Twitter Campaigns Have Taught Me about Gospel Witness

by Laurie Nichols #bringbackourgirls #occupycentral #lovewins #blacklivesmatter #defundPP Whatever the trending issue of the day, you can

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Do You Really Need More Proof?

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Song: A Simple Tool for Everyone

by Miriam Adeney Nawal is an Arab whose father was an alcoholic and beat

Planned Parenthood, Unborn Babies, and Us: A Gospel Witness that Fights For Something Greater

by Laurie Nichols If you live in America, you are likely feeling the great