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What Millennials Can Teach Us about Our Faith

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The Church Today in Cultural Captivity

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Why Parenting Can Make You Reconsider the Importance of Faith

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Your Tribe, Your Opportunity

By Ron Hutchcraft An upscale restaurant in Manhattan’s iconic Rockefeller Plaza, filled with Wall

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Would Jesus Use Social Media?

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Using Music to Create On-ramps for Gospel Witness

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Two Marks for Reaching and Keeping Millennials

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A Story from South Asia: From Darkness to Light

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Evangelism, Imagination, and Artists

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The Power of One Person

by Laurie Nichols I remember a missionary friend present our reason for witnessing clearer

When Speaking Truth and Showing Truth Really Aren’t All that Different

by Ed Stetzer Gospel proclamation is proclaiming the gospel clearly. People hear the truth

Our Reflection: The Power of Our Words & Our Deeds

by Nate Butler I can only speak for myself, but I think I have